Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery

On-demand, browser-based access to GEOINT

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If you are supporting a government mission, you have access to Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (G-EGD) at no extra cost.

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Maxar’s G-EGD has enabled the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to provide GEOINT wherever it's needed: 

  • an analyst's desktop at a federal agency
  • an officer's laptop on a military base
  • a first responder's tablet in a disaster zone

Accessing NextView-licensed imagery is quick and easy. Users can choose G-EGD's web portal, Google Earth or a variety of Open Geospatial Consortium web services. We handle all the processing, hosting and security, so federal workers and military can focus on reaching goals.

Mission-critical support

Alert notifications for updates on your AOI

Mobile compatible for seamless access wherever you need it

API integrations available for native U.S. government systems

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The Daily Take

Get the most current imagery from Maxar’s constellation. The average strip is online less than two hours from downlink.

Third-party content

Add imagery from other commercial vendors licensed by the U.S. government to complement Maxar’s vast library of high-resolution imagery.

Access to Vivid

Maxar’s annually refreshed orthorectified global basemap product, Vivid is ideal for mapping and advanced analytics applications.

Expansive archive

An archive of billions of square kilometers is a robust resource. We add an image strip every 90 seconds.

Understand and mitigate crises around the globe


Without Global-EGD, your team deploys days-old GEOINT, limiting your ability to visualize the current operating environment and anticipate the effects of the terrain on military operations.


Global-EGD provides mobile access and allows users to generate annotations, set bookmarks, create alerts for new imagery, upload shapefiles and stream into ArcMap.

Get a living picture of the operational environment within USG applications and workflows


Accurate and timely imagery allows first responders to assess infrastructure impacts, properly route delivery of relief efforts and determine suitable locations for humanitarian assistance logistic nodes.


When the use of GEOINT is restricted to U.S. forces, joint planning is limited, increasing operational risk.

Maxar Support

ImageConnect enables USG users to access Maxar and third-party imagery and functionality through ArcMap software. Let Maxar support you in your USG mission

Your guide to using G-EGD