Deploy algorithms and extract insights at any scale

A platform for geospatial big data analytics

GBDX is a powerful, cloud-based platform enabling extraction of meaningful insights like objects, materials and change at scale with access to our living library of global, high-resolution satellite imagery.

What can you do with GBDX?


Observe and detect features and objects over large areas using the highest-quality imagery.


Count, measure and classify features or objects over large areas—anywhere on the planet.

Monitor and inform

Track and map changes over time to gain critical context for more informed decisions.


Extract the data you need to enrich business intelligence and reveal new opportunities.

A powerful cloud-based analytics engine

Highest quality imagery content

Access to our 20+ year imagery library of the highest commercial resolution available.

Multisource data content

Multiple geospatial data content sources- all Maxar Earth observation satellites, LandSat, Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, MODIS.

Analytic tools

Bring your own analytic tools. GBDX supports machine learning and computer vision algorithms.

Cloud scalability

Cost-effective storage and elastic compute powered by AWS.


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Discover what you can do with GBDX

Unlock new possibilities with advanced machine learning and satellite imagery.

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